Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Summer Cushion

Following my first blog post yesterday I was inspired to put the finishing touches to my cushion that I had painstakingly worked on so that I could share with you and apart from that my blog looked bare without pictures!

After visiting a local store I made a selection from the Sirdar Calico range then I just couldn't wait to get home that new wool was just burning a hole in my bag to get out and be used. Eager to create but not wanting to embark on another basic granny square for my creation, I searched online for different variations and found a tutorial by Priscilla Hewitt that appealed to me for a  Sunburst Granny Square ... result!!  Off I went initially creating a practise square or two! I loved creating that puff stitch and by adding a few extra rows to the square it was easy to whip up 4 large squares for a cushion.  The back is one huge granny square in white as it was easy to watch Law & Order on TV while crocheting something relatively easy.

Now to assemble.... carefully sewn up, I would add that sewing is not my forte and my next venture definitely will entail using the chain stitch method!!  I then found an Easy Shell Stitch Edging  which I felt would add that little something extra and sat the cushion on the settee.... for a few days I looked at the cushion feeling something was missing - does anyone else do that, I mean is it normal to have a cushion sitting there that you gaze at daily thinking 'less is more' or ?????  but no it still felt  as though it needed an extra something to complete it.... as I love flowers I thought a white rose!! This really was trial and error which seems to have worked but then I needed a leaf!!! More searching required, I'm sure Google stats must've increased ten-fold based on my learning needs alone... but I found it a fab leaf tutorial by Attic24 and although my leaf did resemble that in the tutorial I did a little scrunching and pulling to give it a more 'rounded' shape..... I think it works!!

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