Monday, 19 August 2013

First Introduction

Hello!! I've done it! After much deliberation and confusion I am well and truly in the land of blogging!

So to tell you a little bit more about myself I enjoy lots of things including reading, photography, cooking, holidays and over the last few years have found myself wanting to be more creative!  I've always been able to knit from a very young age I can remember french knitting followed by 'grown up' knitting but that was where it stopped I was one of these people who said I can't do that or I would love to be able to do that but I never did!!  Until recently that is when I decided I needed a hobby so a few years ago I turned my hand to card making, loved it but found I 'lacked' in creativity I had the ideas but putting the colours together just didn't seem to work for me, I was surround by scraps of lovely bright coloured paper, stamping sets, glitter, bows and beads but something was oh so apparent!!  I could not produce a straight edge on anything no matter how hard I tried - expensive scissors, guillotines, metal rulers even the card mats with all the grid lines prominently on display would still result in the all famous 'wonky edge'!! I still dip into the 'carding' from time to time but got waylaid baking cakes but that wasn't something you could just sit and do while watching TV with the family so I've turned my hand to crochet!!

I have admired crochet for so long feared I couldn't do it but after much research and reading have found so much useful information on the internet with step-by-step guides and video tutorials that I have managed to master the basic granny square and made my first cushion, it's not perfect but I did it!!  I haven't yet mastered how to hold the hook no matter how many picture guides I view, read 'how to' I cannot tame my 'knitters hands' to hold the hook in any other way than as if I'm knitting!! I'm sure one day I'll get there but until then I'm going to join the crochet blogging community and learn until I master that blanket!

Thanks for stopping by and taking time to 'read me' and I look forward to reading you along the way too :-)

K x

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